Fishing Knowledge

dsm ltd staff consists of highly trained engineers and welders, all of whom have been with us for many years. Four of the staff have been scallop fishermen on local boats sailing from Kirkcudbright prior to joining dsm ltd, this allows them to understand the needs of fishermen and customise gear to their requirements when the need arises.

The managing director began his career as a deckhand onboard a Kirkcubright scalloper, he then moved on to skipper/owner and ultimately ran a fleet of 9 scallop boats. He has an intimate knowledge of scallop fishing and how the gear performs on the seabed, where weak points are and problems can develop and how to overcome them. He is able to discuss and advise fishermen on how the gear operates and how to get it catching at its optimum.

All this in house knowledge and experience of scallop fishing enables dsm ltd to be at the forefront of gear development and to be the only innovative scallop gear manufacturer in the market. We have a large and ongoing research and development programme.


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